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Press review - Expo Milano 2015 – May, 2015 1st
"Not only the Tree of Life: Brescia works with passion at Expo 2015
Many companies from Brescia left their handle in Milan: the A&R Progetti Italianartlab from Mazzano made the showcases for the Italian masterpieces exposed at the Italian Pavilion. Not only the Tree of Life comes from Brescia at Expo2015.
As the gates open and the first visitors start exploring the faior that gave rise to so much controversy, from Molinetto (Brescia, Italy) comes the story of a small company appointed to take care of the Italian masterpieces that will represent our country during the six months of the fair.
Alessio Sgotti with his small but dynamic company which deals with showcases and museum installations worked hard for the realization of the event. The assignment was to design and build the display cases that will protect and give value to two of the works on display at the Italian Pavilion: we are talking of "Vucciria" - the painting of the famous Renato Guttuso painter which showing the local market in Palermo - and Trapezophoros of Ascoli Satriano, support of the marble table dating back to 400 BC, returned to Italy thanks to the intervention of the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Team of the Carabinieri, that has recovered it from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, where it had been exposed after being illegally stolen from italian grave robbers. "
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