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NBP Money Centre: a new project of the National Bank of Poland

A innovative Museum, a big container intended to create a informative and educational itinerary presenting the material culture related to money in the works of art from all over the world and from Polish lands in particular. This is the project the National Bank of Poland is carring out whith the Money Centre in Warsaw. “We would like every visitor to the NBP Money Centre, regardless of age or education, to develop an interest in the role of money and its functioning. Our goal is to intrigue visitors enough to make them want to come back.” declared Ferdynand B. Ruszczyc, museologist and head of the Money Centre. This is the reason why the Money Centred is intended to be not only a simple exhibition space, but a complex itinerary made of factographic documentation, iconography, numismatics, films and multimedia devices which enable visitors to deepen their knowledge of the history of money in each module, thanks to the opportunity to select an extended narrative and browse additional electronic. Lessons designed for children and youth, but also guided tours for adults: “There is no other facility in Poland that would in sucha comprehensive manner show and help to understand the role and significance of money over the centuries.” “The first stage of the work on the Centre consisted in the organisation of the premises taken over from the Polish Academy of Sciences.
The premises previously housed the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, which specialises in such areas as materials engineering, construction and operation of machinery and structural mechanics. The building’s interiors were not suitable for the arrangement of the modules of the newly created NBP facility. After the rooms were emptied of the equipment and the unnecessary walls were removed, it was possible to plan the spaces for the future exhibition. Architects from the KiPP Projekt architectural office spent many months preparing the layout of the individual rooms of the Centre, adjusting them to the themes of the exhibitions to be presented.” Now, our team is working to project and realize the showcases and the furnitures for the exhibition itinerary. An important role which confirms the importance of the italian know-how in the branch of museology and museum-technique.
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(Source: Bankoteka)