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The awards ceremony for the XX Luigi Micheletti Award took place in Brescia on May, 2015. The prize is a recognition for new museums and newly renovated museums that have adopted innovative solutions. The National Archeological Museum in Skopje, opened in 2014 was in the list of candidates. This is a pride for us, as we have contributed in realizing the showcases and museum exhibits.
Pictured is the presentation of the Skopje Museum on the candidacy of the Micheletti Award Stage.
The award this year went to the NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF THE NETHERLANDS


The gallery will reopen on May, 29th after the forced closing caused by the earthquake of 2012.
We will be there with the showcase realized for this magnificent bronze vase dated 1500 a.C.
Pier Jacopo Alari Bonacolsi, said the Old Mantua, 1460 - Gazzuolo, 1528.
Gonzaga vase
Bronze casting, h cm 31
Inv. 2259 The vessel is registered for the first time in an inventory of items transported from the Ducal Palace at Liceo of Modena dating back to April 24, 1797. On the body of the vase there are the emblems of Gianfrancesco Gonzaga and his wife Antonia del Balzo, lords of Rodigo and Bozzolo: the theme of the festive guided marine procession by Neptune followed by Amphitrite nymph might be related to their marriage in 1479. It is one of the masterpieces of the bronze worker, which in the delicate frieze manages to blend with admirable perfection the suggestions of the ancient sculpture (in particular the Roman sarcophagi reliefs) with the echoes of Andrea Mantegna's engravings.

Project: Ambienti snc Conservative showcase, glass and corten steel. The structure has been designed to ensure maximum exposure for the exhibit. The front opening in one-way guides facilitates accessibility of the operators responsible for supervision and maintenance. The lighting consists of 6 LED lights in the ceiling of the structure that, reflected on the upholstery in blue Alcantara fabric housed on the bottom, highlights the skeleton. – May, 2015 1st
"Not only the Tree of Life: Brescia works with passion at Expo 2015
Many companies from Brescia left their handle in Milan: the A&R Progetti Italianartlab from Mazzano made the showcases for the Italian masterpieces exposed at the Italian Pavilion. Not only the Tree of Life comes from Brescia at Expo2015.
As the gates open and the first visitors start exploring the faior that gave rise to so much controversy, from Molinetto (Brescia, Italy) comes the story of a small company appointed to take care of the Italian masterpieces that will represent our country during the six months of the fair.
Alessio Sgotti with his small but dynamic company which deals with showcases and museum installations worked hard for the realization of the event. The assignment was to design and build the display cases that will protect and give value to two of the works on display at the Italian Pavilion: we are talking of "Vucciria" - the painting of the famous Renato Guttuso painter which showing the local market in Palermo - and Trapezophoros of Ascoli Satriano, support of the marble table dating back to 400 BC, returned to Italy thanks to the intervention of the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Team of the Carabinieri, that has recovered it from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, where it had been exposed after being illegally stolen from italian grave robbers. "
Read the full Italian article:

Press Review – The National Archaeological Museum in Skopje
Press - National Archaeological Museum
November 14, 2014
Bresciaoggi - November 11, 2014
The Museum of Macedonia designed in Italy "From Molinetto, Brescia (IT) to the heart of Macedonia. Embossed under the skin of a brand new project, on which proudly is waving the flag of the italian 'know-how'. On October 18th, in the presence of the highest offices of the Macedonian government, was inaugurated the National Archaeological Museum of Macedonia, destined to become reference exhibition center for the entire museum circuit, which gravitates around the capital Skopje. Design and layout of the exhibition area (the largest in the nation) is signed by a company specialized in museum display cases and installations, whose headquarter is in Molinetto: A & R Progettis, company founded in 2011 at the hands of Sgotti Alessio and Riccardo Morando, in continuity with the twenty-year labor of Astarte, the important company (now closed) that dealt with conservation and restoration.” With the experience gained through different jobs in Italy - including the construction of the museum of the city of Chiari -, A&R has raised the Macedonian challenge about a year ago. The rest is recent history: the draft presented hits the mark, the windows are chosen because of their technical characteristics, with respect to the finish and attention to detail and convenience for insiders. © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Elia Zupelli
Read the full article in Italian:
Bresciatoday - November 12, 2014
From Molinetto to Skopje: the first Macedonian museum made in Brescia
"It will end in these first days of November the work of A & R Projects at the National Archaeological Museum of Macedonia in Skopje. The company, specialized in museum display cases and installations, worked during the last year on the design and construction of the exhibition area, which happens to be the largest to date of the Nation. " Read the full article on