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Humidity Control System
Monitoring and regulating the R.H. percentage inside the showcases is essential to guarantee the correct preservation of the exhibit.
A&R Italianartlab, in collaboration with the restorer, realizes active or passive Humidity Control Systems basing on the analysis of the needs of the object and of the context in which the showcases will be placed. Showcases can be equipped with a hidden technical compartment adjoining the display area where the hygroscopic silica gel can be housed. For the high-maintenance object, we can install a Humidity Control System of the active type, able to deliver or absorb water vapor inside the exhibition zone, ensuring constant humidity according to the levels set via a control panel interface. A datalogger keeps monitoring, registering and, when required, transmitting the R.H. values to a computer via wireless.



Airtight Sealing
A&R Italianartlab studies suitable sealing systems for every showcase, so as to limit the impact of the external climate and protect the object from humidity and temperature oscillation.
Appropriate sealing systems also are a fundamental barrier for external chimical agents and particulates which could deteriorate the artifacts.
The exhibition zone of the showcases are dust-tight and respond to an index of air exchange with the outside lower volumes from 0.1 to 0.2 in 24 hours, according with specific test realized by the Department of Energy, Politecnico of Torino.
All sealing glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal are made of acetic acid free silicone, neutral Ph. All profiles of opening panels are equipped with gasket holder profiles and sealing made with silicone or neoprene foam (acid volatile emissions free).