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Protection and Security

A&R Italianartlab realizes showcases designed to minimize the risk of theft and vandalism.
We use extra light glass panes to guarantee the best transparency and visibility: this glasses, depending on the thickness of the PVB (polyvinyl butyral) film, meet different human impact security requirements, as specified in the UNI 7172, 9186, 9187 standards. Our technical staff defines the best choice with the client, grounding this decision in the very single needs of the artefact and of the context in which it will be exposed.
Our museum display cases can be also certified in compliance with the EN 1627normative for burglar-proof resistance.


Doors or opening panels are protected by security locks.
The opening systems ensure smooth and slow movements in order to avoid vibration or dynamic loads to the structure that may be transmitted to the artfacts.
The anchoring systems of the exhibits are able to ensure the stability, avoiding stresses or obstacles to the natural settling movements of the constituent materials. The choice of construction materials of anchor systems and their shape ensures minimal visual interference with the exhibits. The points of contact between artifact and support are made of soft materials which silicon foam, cork, felt or polyethylene-volatile acid free. Are avoided, in particular, contact between the metal support and artifact of different metal or alloy to prevent any electrolytic phenomena.